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NDT Inspection and Offshore Surface Protection


Surface Protection and Inspection Services

We are involved in all activities relating to surface preparation, cleaning, coating and environmental protection. We work with all types of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels, aluminium and brass, in thickness from sheet metal to plate. We have expertise in both traditional abrasive and high pressure hydro blasting.

NDT Inspection

  • - Total Tool Management
  • - Electromagnetic Inspection
  • - Ultrasonic inspection

  • Tank Coating

    Coating is one of the most sophisticated and challenging jobs in the oil and Gas industry. it requires precision and perfect coordination. Experience is therefore of the utmost importance. Our unique experience involving projects coated professionally, on schedule and without any major problems or complaints - forms a sound basis for our clients' confidence.

    ndt inspection and offshore surface protection in port harcourt

    Offshore Surface Protection

    To preserve their value as assets, offshore facilities require competent, cost-effective and longlasting surface protection on a regular basis. Coatings and paint systems applied by Harmonie guarantee long term functionality, even for areas subjected to a high degree of wear and tear. Our clients' confidence in us lies in the philosophy that we follow in our work: compliance with quality standards and the use of dependable control systems, long years of experience.